Get Well + Stay Well

Our Mission

Sunset Chiropractic exists to help every man, woman, and child discover their true, authentic, whole self by reconnecting one’s nervous system to facilitate healing from within. Our approach is gentle and focuses on unraveling the root cause. Your healing journey awaits, take the first step today! 


Our Hope

At Sunset Chiropractic we hope to inspire individuals and whole families to dive deeper into their innate healing potential. Through specific and intentional chiropractic adjustments, your nervous system will align, thus setting your Life Force free, as you become more in tune with Self. We hope to bring healing, vitality, and wholeness to our community. 


Stories of Healing


Increased focus, Primitive Reflexes Integrated, Decreased Toe Walking

“Carter has ADHD, sensory aversions, and is a toe walker. He struggles with retained primitive reflexes, staying asleep, toe walking, inattention to tasks and fearful of noises in the things. Dr. Mitch and Dr. Amy are wonderful with Carter and know how to interact engage during his chiropractor appointments. We have seen huge improvement with his sleep and he is not toe walking 24/7. We also have noticed his confidence in new things and less avoidant behaviors.” — Carter’s mom

PMS Symptoms, Anxiety, + Posture Awareness

“I am happily surprised by the progress I have made since being under chiropractic care with Dr. Amy and Dr. Mitch. In all honesty, I was afraid to have my neck popped. From the moment I walked in the door, my fears settled. Their passion for helping people is evident in the way that they keep me informed throughout every step of care. I have noticed that I have minimal to zero cramping during my cycle. Throughout the day, I am more aware of my posture and can bring it back to a happy balance. I’m also more aware of my stress levels and how to bring self-care to my day. I am living a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life because of the care I am receiving!” — Beth


Improved Sleep, Increased Awareness, Ability to Workout

“I have been to at least six chiropractors and never felt like I knew what they were doing to my neck/spine. I also never got any relief. Dr. Mitch and Dr. Amy are truly gifted and I love how they present their skills, care, and adjustments. This is not your normal rushed doctors appointment. I really have seen and noticed a difference in my posture as well as feeling better overall since I am sleeping so much better. I am grateful for their services and look forward to how I will feel in my future sessions.” — Jordan